Our Commitment to the Environment


We are thrilled to partner with Healthy Soil Compost for our Greening this year!


Healthy Soil Compost is a community compost program providing organic waste services to Chicago homes, offices, events and food-service locations.  Helping to develop urban farms and rehabilitate soil with Nature's Little Recyclers


The Greening Stations



Being vegan is about a lot more than just not eating animals. We see it as living in harmony with the world, and as such, we at Chicago VeganMania feel a deep commitment to protecting our city and our planet. One of the most serious expressions of this is our Green Team and our greening stations.

We start by insisting that all of our exhibitors use eco-friendly compostable and recyclable utensils and packaging, and we avoid the use of disposable objects wherever possible. Then, instead of trash cans throughout the venue, we have Greening Stations, each staffed by a Green Team volunteer, so that anything you throw away is immediately sorted into compostable, recyclable and landfill waste. This is all sorted more carefully later in a back room until we have saved everything that can possibly be diverted from the waste stream.

As a result, our event last year – which was attended by more than 5,000 people who combined to eat thousands of plates of food and all sampled food from dozens of other vendors – sent a total of five bags of trash to the landfill, while turning more than fifteen times that amount into new products or rich soil.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Simply by being or becoming vegan, we each have a profound positive effect not only on our own health and the lives of billions of animals, but we lessen our negative impact on water pollution, water scarcity, soil erosion, fuel consumption, desertification, rainforest destruction, species extinction, global warming, the death of our oceans and a whole host of other environmental problems.

Beyond that, and beyond all the Greening Stations and Water Stations, we at Chicago VeganMania take a number of steps to conserve the environment. We do most of our promotion online, which saves a ton of paper. Our t-shirts are made from organic cotton and we repurpose and reuse materials whenever possible.

We love the planet, and we particularly love all the people on it, especially in the beautiful city we call home. We have built what we believe to be a prototype of a world of compassion, happiness, abundance and vibrant health, and it is our goal to delight and inspire everyone who comes in the door. We sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time, and that you feel refreshed, energized and empowered by the experience.