About Chicago VeganMania


From a dream that became a reality in 2008 at the Pulaski Park Field house to the unique event it is today, Chicago VeganMania has come a long way! Come help us celebrate our 10th year. 

Chicago VeganMania is a celebration of the dynamic vegan community in Chicago. We bring together the vegan restaurants and food companies, leaders and entrepreneurs, doctors and chefs, businesses and organizations, singers and dancers, and we put them in one big place to show them all off to the world.

You certainly don't have to be vegan to attend or enjoy Chicago VeganMania. We just want you to have fun! Chicago VeganMania is a big friendly party, an event where you can eat wonderful food, enjoy great music and lively entertainment, and have an opportunity to discover unique vegan products and learn the secrets of vegan chefs. You can also sit in on one of our Speaker or Panel presentations for additional information on a variety of topics!

Our first nine celebrations exceeded everyone's expectations, and this fall we'll be back, bigger than ever. So stop by and prepare yourself for an exciting and wonderful day.

Mission, Values and Vision


The mission of Chicago VeganMania is to celebrate, unite, promote, and strengthen the diverse vegan culture, economy, and community of Chicago and beyond. We provide a platform and audience for vegan businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals through a series of innovative programs and events culminating in an exciting, inspirational, and fun annual weekend event.


We condemn the killing, injuring, enslavement, and/or exploitation of all living beings. The core human values of justice, equality, peace, freedom, compassion and goodwill are consistent with and paramount to these values, thus we believe that all violence and exploitation, even if committed by others in our community, is not to be excused or tolerated.

We acknowledge and value the larger community, and we recognize that each of us is on our own path. We welcome everyone into our events, including those whose values are different from our own, as long as there is reciprocated respect. We present our culture, economy and community in the spirit of sharing, with goodwill toward all.


Our vision is to help create a world based on compassion, peace, and respect for all living beings, where everyone has a sincere appreciation for the interconnectedness of life.